New Year's Eve: the story continues zaterdag 31 december om 21:00

dyn008_small150_88_48_jpeg_3468_a7e201b09d0ad99bd3a4c4a3440605bd.jpg*VUURWERK!* Line-up:
//E-legend\ (voorprogramma milk inc)
//DJ wankers\ ('t Jop resident)
//Lumberjack\ (100 gram beleg dj contest winner, nacht van de jeugdbeweging, i love sint job, bicky fest)
Once upon a time there was a small and happy place called Sint-Job... and every year some small band of friends organised the big fireworks at the town square. They did so as long as anyone could remember. Later on there was a big party in a small building, that attracted a big crowd...

But now this small band of friends has grown and is ready to take it to the next level. At their new location, with lots of courage they are prepared to take on your aspirtations of partying... WE PROUDLY PRESENT:

**********NYE: THE STORY CONTINUES***********

With the hottest sounds of some brand new talent and the nicest mixes of the more experienced ones, your night will be unforgettable: Remember all those previous legendary NYE nights @jeugdhuis 't Jop, and YOU know you're in for a treat ^^

We will be revealing more info soon so keep posted ;D


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